Memorial Day 2012

by ward on May 28, 2012

Today is Memorial Day.

There is much being written about those who serve Now.

There is much being written about those who still live and served Then.

There should be much more about those who went Before.

I am one of those stil alive, who served Then.

On this Memorial Day, I remember those who went Before.

Those who went Before now lay in graves. Some marked, in the National Cemetaries – Arlington, Punchbowl, Golden Gate.

Some marked in graves far from home – France, Belgium, Great Britain.

Some marked at home, in their family plots, lying in peace with their families.

Some unmarked, still to be found in places around the globe, waiting patiently to be found, honored, and brought home.

They all went Before.

They went at the call of America.

And when they went, they stood Between.

Between tyranny. Between slavery. Between death. Between destruction – and us.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. So long as one soul remembers, you shall live, and shine brightly in our lives.

On this Memorial Day, I remember.

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