More On Ferguson

by ward on November 27, 2014

The LawDog said it much better than I did.

Read him HERE, and enjoy some clear and elegant snark.


Ferguson Aftermath

by ward on November 26, 2014

Hello, Ferguson!

Now that you’ve had your riots, let me predict the future.

The “organizers” and “activists” who are from somewhere else, will go back to wherever they came from, leaving YOU to deal with…

…Burned out and looted stores, whose owners will probably think at least twice about rebuilding and reopening.  After all, once burned/looted, twice shy. If the “organizers/activists” say anything at all, they will rail against “the system”, and not offer any concrete assistance, or workable solutions.

Reverend Al and Reverend Jesse will call for more “government programs”, and slide in a comment or two about the “racist elements” who want to drive you down.

Someone will suggest, and others will make a lot of noise, about building a permanent memorial to a 300 pound 18 year-old choirboy/thug who did a petty theft of really cheap cigars, strolled down the middle of the street, and then confronted a cop, and assaulted said cop, and got himself killed for his lousy Cheap-Charlie cigars.

And those burned out and looted stores?  They’re going to be eyesores in YOUR Ferguson for at least months, and maybe years.

Annnnd… the television cameras will move on to the next Big News Story, and you’ll be, for the most part, forgotten.

Congratulations.  You’re now as infamous as Watts, or Chicago, or Detroit, notorious for having thoroughly trashed your own town.


Immigration, the Congress, and the President

November 20, 2014

Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution lays out a whole bunch of stuff that is reserved to the power of the Congress.  Stuff like taxes, borrow money, regulate Commerce with foreign nations and Indian tribes, calling out the Militia. Among the designated powers reserved to the Congress is this little jewel: The Congress shall [...]

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A Wee Dram…

November 19, 2014

… After reading the news (CNN, Fox, and AP) I’ve been compelled to have a taste.   Jameson’s, just a small taste, a wee dram… or two.

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Elections, Amnesty, ObamaCare, Oh My!

November 19, 2014

So, the Democrat Party got thumped badly on November 4th.  And it’s about to get worse – Sen. Landrieu (D-LA) is probably going to lose badly in the Louisiana runoff.   The Prez said that all of his policies were on the ballot, and his party went down in flames.   The Prez sez “I [...]

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Al Gore and Food (He likes it a LOT!)

November 12, 2014

Michael Z. Williamson has, for a number of years, been making his living writing Science Fiction.  He is at least conversant in basic physics, astrophysics, military psychology, military culture, crowd/mob psychology, mass media psychology, government, politics, personal security, invective, and coherent and readable English. At least three of the above are displayed in the below [...]

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Veteran’s Day 2014

November 11, 2014

Today is the 11th Day of November.   BFHD (Big Fat Hairy Deal).   I learned many, many acronyms while I was working for Uncle Sam.  BFHD is at least sort of polite.   To millions of American vets, the 11th of November IS a big deal, in a quiet sort of way.   We [...]

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Open Carry of Handguns

September 12, 2014

I saw a quote in the Christian Science Monitor of a quote from the Beaumont Enterprise in Beaumont, Texas:   “When you see a civilian walking down the street or entering a store with an exposed gun, you don’t know if that person is just showing off his hardware or planning to commit a crime. [...]

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Does Google Think You’re Famous?

September 5, 2014

Stumbled across THIS at the Volokh Conspiracy, so I went to Google UK, and guess what?   I AM FAMOUS!!!   Go ahead, try it! Type in your name, and scroll to the bottom of the page.   You know that you want to know… are you as relevant as a Kardashian?

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Riots in Ferguson

August 17, 2014

Update:  Fox News is reporting that “A source close to the top brass” in the Ferguson PD claims that Officer Darren Wilson was “severely beaten” during the altercation with Michael Brown, that there was a struggle in the squad car for the officer’s gun, and that Officer Wilson was justifiably afraid for his life.  See [...]

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